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It's official, the Super Bowl is over and the Eagles didn't win it.  Now that we can get that out of the way, we can focus on spring training while keeping an optimistic eye on the Flyers and the Sixers.  A lot has happened over the off season where the Philadelphia Phillies became World Champions.  Now I am really wondering what you are feeling.  I have a ton of mixed emotions and, frankly, I have no idea how to feel.  Here are just a few of the possibilities...

1. Elation.  The Phillies won the World Series.  What else could you ask for?  Two in a row?  That's just gravy.  The Phils could go 62-100 and I am still feeling warm and fuzzy over their victory.

2. Concern.  Can they do it again?  How will I react if they start to stink it up?  If they start 6-12, will I jump off the bandwagon?  Will the players have a let down? 

3. Insatiation.  Now that I have tasted blood, I want more.  MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!  One isn't enough, that's like sleeping with a supermodel and then she leaves and you are stuck with the so-sos at the local bar.

4. Angst.  We are doomed since we just won.  We can't do it again for another 25 years.  The parade seems so long ago.  Cole is going to get hurt.  Moyer is going to die.  Howard won't ever make contact.  Victorino is not really from Hawaii!!!

5. Indifference.  Who cares?  they got their championship, now they get a 5 year respite.  If they win again, woo hoo.  If not, I am headed to the beach.

6. Frustration.  This team was good, but was lucky to cruise to a WS title.  They snuck in again this year and they haven't improved much at all.  Pat is gone and Ibanez is decent, but was in middle school whem Jamie was in high school.  I want more than one championship, I was a dynasty!

I am sure that many of us have a mix of all of these plus more.  I am not sure how I feel.  I tend to separate the result with the process.  I think it makes me much more capable of being analytical.  Am I thrilled that the Phillies won?  Absolutely.  But, that was last year.  I will forget all about that championship right after the first pitch and if they lose a game, it will hurt just as bad as any other game they lost.  So, I may be more in the frustration realm than anywhere.  I don't count the championships up, I just care about who the next champion will be.  And I want it to be the Phillies.