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That Traveling Trophy


I just passed up an opportunity to see the Phillies World Series trophy.  It's on campus where I teach, and a colleague asked me to join her just now.  I have a class to teach in an hour, so I declined.  But clearly I'm not too busy to write this post.  So what gives?


I just can't get excited about the trophy.  I'm seemingly in a huge minority on this one though.  The trophy is making its tour of the Delaware Valley like a band trying to make it by playing every local club in the area.  Except that unlike a struggling band, from what I understand, the trophy is getting quite a reception everywhere.  Coming soon to your local Starbucks and Foot Locker:  the Phillies World Series Trophy!  Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but only just a bit.

Why my lack of excitement?  On my list of amazing memories and associations from the Phillies 2008 season, the trophy doesn't even fall to the bottom.  It just doesn't appear.  I'll never forget being at World Series Game 5, parts A and B.  I'll never forget riding my bike down Broad Street after they won it.  I'll never forget taking my 6 month old son to the parade on that beautiful October day.  I'll forever get excited thinking about all the players who contributed to the team in 2008.

In terms of inanimate objects that resonate with me, there are many:  the ball from the last pitch of the season.  Pat Burrell's bat used to get his last hit in a Phillies uniform.  The ball from the Matt Stairs home run.  Any uniform from the games.

But the trophy?  Yeah, it was fun to see them hoist it over their heads after Game 5B, and it was great to see the team bring it down Broad Street for the parade.  But I just can't get excited about the trophy itself -- out of the context of the players and the game and the 2008 season.  Those are the things that still get me excited about 2008.

Given the lines that I've heard about forming around the Delaware Valley to see the thing, though, I do realize I'm in the minority.