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March 14, 2009 - Some Phillies links for you

Chris Wheeler discusses the Victory Dance.

Raul Ibanez works hard!

Jayson Werth and Pedro Feliz are both playing baseball now... even though WWerth has a sore groin.  Wow, who needs a right-handed bat, anyway?

And the Phillies lost to the Grapefruit League juggernaut Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-5.  Ryan Howard having a nice spring so far.  Dare we hope it carries over into April and May?

Deadspin doesn't get as maudlin as we do about Pat the Bat.

Ronny Paulino: It's different this time!

J.A. Happ appears to be the annointed one now... prepare your "Happ-y" headline puns now.

Drabek and Savery: Bustin' Out.  (Joe Savery might have the best name ever for a closer...)

Charlie Manuel: We need to gon' hit, son.