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Hamels Hurt?

Ruh Roh!  According to Zolecki...

Cole Hamels Hurt...

Doesn't take much analysis to convey how damaging this could be for a repeat.  Cole was a 6+ win pitcher last year, so, while it hurts, it isn't deadly.  Except, the Phillies overshot their projections, the Mets undershot theirs, the Phils have downgraded a bit while the Mets have upgraded.

It could come down to a win or two at the end of the year and that is where this could really hurt us.


12:08 PM UPDATE: MRI and ultrasound reveal no structural damage; Hamels received a shot "similar to a cortisone shot".  Questionable for Opening Day.

You never like to hear about elbow soreness, but I guess the news today was about as good as we could have reasonably expected.