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March 2, 2009 - Monday Phillies Breakfast Links

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Brad Lidge experiencing tightness in his forearm.  Repeat after me: Flags fly forever.

Brett Myers set to start today, cites modified beer-drinking as his weight loss secret.  Oh, that's our Brett!

Chan Ho Park had a nice outing yesterday.  All the 5th starter candidates have done well so far.  Marcus Giles did pretty well yesterday, too.

Jimmy Makes-a-Wish (I defy even Mets fans to hate on this).

Adam Eaton signs with the Orioles.  Good luck with that, guys.

A quick look at the 2009 Cy Young candidates (featuring Our Cole Hamels).

The Fightins Number 5 moment of the 2008 regular season.

Beerleaguer reminds us that real baseball is still 34 days away...

Todd Zolecki gives you the lineups for today's "A" and "B" games.