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March 20, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

Hot Cookies - Blanton pitches six innings of one hit ball versus the Marlins in Grapefruit League action.

Ryan Howard turned down a WBC invite in order to concentrate on not being the worst player ever in April.

Campo's Deli replacing Rick's Steaks in Ashburn Alley for 2009.  So now there's a different place to wait 75 minutes for a sandwich inferior to the one you can get outside the park, while your $30+ seat goes to waste.

Salisbury: Jamie Moyer still basking.

Chan Ho Park has a sore hammy, but is expected to make his next start.

Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz are probably going to be on the Opening Day roster.  The window is rapidly closing for Jason Donald and John Mayberry.

Cole Hamels endorses Brett Myers as Opening Day starter.  For the third straight season.