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March 26, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

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The Arizona Republic lists 10 Reasons why Curt Schilling is a Hall of Famer.  "Once wore chaps in a promotional poster" conspiculously absert, especially for Arizona...

Shane Victorino goes out on a limb and names the final strikeout of Game Five as his favorite 2008 memory.  No questions asked.

A few decisions remain for the Phillies, including nailing down the fifth starter spot, and deciding if the team will acquire another righty bat.

Pedro Feliz should be ready for Opening Night.  Hurrah.

The Phillies have made catcher Ronny Paulino available, and the Marlins are thinking of acquiring him.  Presumably Chris Coste is the backup.

Why Your Team Will Win the World Series - in one sentence.

The Mets' Oliver Perez got smacked around for six runs by the Tigers yesterday.  Looks like the same ol' Ollie.  Althought it'd be nice if he had starts like that against the Phillies once in awhile...

Pat Burrell will help you with your cruising.