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March 27, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

Yankees defeat the Phillies 10-2, the Phils' two runs coming off back-to-back solo home runs in the first by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the first inning off Joba Chamberlain.  Scott Eyre, flush with cash and distracted by red bikinis, gets lit up for five runs in one inning.

Kyle Kendrick also got shelled in his first minor league outing.  Antonio Bastardo took a beating, too.

Chad Durbin, undergrad at University of Phoenix, has something to prove.

Hank Aaron annoints Chase Utley the best player in baseball.

Happ and Coste considered favorites for remaining roster spots.  Hopefully Coste's family can remain dry.

Greg Dobbs: More than just a pair of sideburns.

Aaron Boone recovering nicely after heart surgery.

The Phillies will be wearing these gold-trimmed atrocities on Opening Night.  CHA CHING!

"New" menu offerings at Citizens Bank Park (warning: annoying slideshow).  Strawberry shortcake at a baseball game is an abomination.