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March 4, 2009 - Wednesday Phillies Breakfast Links

Will Oh-mero?

Honestly, I was expecting fistfights and perhaps that blood would be spilled this is disappointing (eyeroll).

Cole Hamels gets his first spring start today against Team Canada; Heidi to be disappointed at the dearth of AIDS orphans on the Canadian roster, seeing as they're from Africa and all.

Sam Donnellon asks if you really want to know about the 1993 Phillies (with bonus pic of Lenny Dykstra eating a ferret).

Hide the Snausages.

For the record, Rollins > Jeter.  Print it.  Done.

The Fightins Number 3 moment of the 2008 regular season.

Phuture Phillies' Top 30 Phillies Prospects.  Learn these names.  There will be a test.