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April 1, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

The Phillies top the Blue Jays, 9-1, behind a strong performance from recently named Opening Day starter Brett Myers.

Although the Phillies have contacted his agent, the changes of the team signing outfielder Gary Sheffield are "very slim."  There's even discussion of Andruw Jones.  Do not want.

The Inquirer does a piece about Charlie Manuel's time as a ballplayer in Japan.

Sam Donnellon reminds Philadelphia of its unabashed negativity, including some quotes from some truly splendid assholes who promise to give the Phils "one month" before booing.  Ahh, maturity.

Larry Bowa thinks the 1978 club was the Phillies' best during their 70s/80s "glory" years.  Probably nothing to do with the fact that he finished 3rd in MVP balloting that season.

My running favorite piece of sports journalism in the world: the Korea Times articles about Chan Ho Park.

Per Deadspin: Phillies fan St. John's employee refuses to remove Phillies jacket at Citi Field exhibition opener, leaves.  Mets fans on Deadspin comment bitterly.