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Game 1 AHK: Phillies at Nationals Game Thread, April 13, 2009.

Phillies baseball won't be the same without Harry Kalas. This is game 1 AHK (after Harry Kalas). We'll all miss him terribly. The game today really should be postponed, but the Nationals probably won't do that given it's their home opener. Let's hope the Phils win this one going away . . . for the voice of the franchise.

[Previously written entry from here on out:] No rest for the weary as the Phillies jumped on the plane last night in Colorado and flew back east to Washington, DC, for the matinee home opener of their division rivals the Washington Nationals. Still winless after six games, the Nats will surely be looking to spill some of the Phillies' blood for the home crowd.

Jamie Moyer goes for the Phillies, hoping to rebound from last week's disastrous outing versus the Braves, while former Oriole Daniel Cabreraa takes the hill for the Nationals.

This is your game thread. Discuss below.