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Nationalized: Nationals 8, Phillies 2




Look at it this way: At least the completely predictable Jack Taschner implosion occurred when they were already down a few runs.  Imagine if he blew a lead.

The WPA graph pretty much tells the tale of the game: The Phillies hung in and kept it competitive until the Willingham homer, at which point the Nats basically had it in the bag.

Bad bullpen work, terrible hitting, falling into another early scoring deficit.  Not a recipe for longterm success.

The Phillies fall to 4-4, while the Nats finally enter the win column at 1-7.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Jack Taschner.  Two home runs, four runs allowed in one inning of work.  You have to applaud that.

The Phillies head back to Philadelphia where they'll play host to a weekend's worth of commemorative festivities for the great Harry Kalas.