Share Your Harry Kalas and Whitey Ashburn Memories

I think everyone has at least a couple memories of Harry Kalas that might not be from a "big moment."  To the contrary, some of my favorite memories of Harry and Richie Ashburn were from some of the more mundane moments of the grim 1980s/1990s seasons that comprise most of my phandom.

1.  Whitey freaked out when a pitch from a Phillies' pitcher was called a high ball, but that Whitey believed was a strike:

Whitey: "Oh, man!  Where was that?!" 

(pregnant pause) 

Harry:  "It was a little high, Whitey."


2.  The Phillies bullpen for some time in the late 1980s included a pitcher named Wally Ritchie, an awkward, gangly lefthander who can probably best be said to physically resemble an unfinished clone.

During some interminable game, Harry and Whitey observed that Ritchie had a little ritual between pitches -- he'd catch the ball from the catcher or umpire, and then walk one complete, clumsy lap around the pitcher's mound.  With nothing else worth reporting on, both Harry and Whitey became somewhat obsessed with this little maneuver.  Eventually, Whitey lost it, and began laughing uncontrollably between pitches.  Finally, after a couple times, Harry calmly and wryly said: "Having fun, Whitey?"  The delivery was just perfect, and the written word does it no justice.  Just imagine Harry saying it, please.


Anyway, please share yours below.


"If you love Whitey, love one another." - Harry Kalas, September 1997.