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Phillies Breakfast Links: April 24, 2009

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Charlie is helluva pissed.

Michael Taylor hit two home runs for Reading yesterday, going 4-for-6.

Hey, look at what Adam Eaton did!  Better than anything any of our starters have done all year...

Frank Deford loves some Jimmy Rollins:

I remember a couple months ago when I was doing a story on (Phillies manager) Charlie Manuel for HBO and I interviewed Jimmy Rollins. And he was as neat a guy as I've talked to. It was just a short television interview.

“I came away shaking my head thinking, ‘Gosh, it's nice to meet somebody like this, who's bright, engaging, sharp all of those things.' I don't know, it says something, it was so unusual in being terrific, and I used to meet those guys all the time.

Lenny Dykstra's wife files for divorce.  He's facing foreclosure.  In the latest edition of "Things You Saw Coming a Mile Away" magazine!


Carlos Ruiz begins rehab in Lehigh Valley tomorrow.

Jamie Moyer's kids are ballplayers!

Brad Lidge has found a flaw in his delivery.  Not mole-related.  Pitched an OK ninth inning yesterday; maybe it worked.