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Phillies Breakfast Links: April 27, 2009

Carlos Carrasco has a blister and a sore elbow, and got lit up yesterday.  Ruh-roh.  Pray for JA.

The Phillies' ability to turn promising arms into solid pros is examined.

Jimmy Rollins is slumping.  Charlie is flummoxed.  I saw an interesting scene after the last out yesterday.  Charlie and Jimmy walking out of the dugout together to shake hands with the team, and Charlie very paternally put his arm around Jimmy's shoulder.  Kind of makes me wonder if there's not something else going on.  Although .162 is plenty of justification for a day off.

Yesterday was the first game where the Phillies never trailed, where the starting pitcher didn't give up a home run, and where the entire pitching staff didn't give up a home run.  Yet here they are, 9-8 and in second place.  Weird game.

Moyer pwns teh Fish.  ROFFLECOPTER.

The Chosun Ilbo reports on Chan Ho Park's home run the other night.  I particularly like the part about him being the Phillies' ninth starter.  Warning: may hell your browser.  Also, Park sorta = Babe Ruth.  According to Donga.  And he's good with a ball.  Ahem.