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Phillies Breakfast Links: April 29, 2009

Cole is laughing, which is good, I guess.  Y'know.

Characterized as a "mild" ankle sprain, which is good I guess.  Now let's wait for the chucklehead talk radio idiots and their followers (you know, the kinds of guys who call in sick when they have a hangnail) to start calling Hamels "soft."

Lidge playing catch, likely no return until weekend series versus the Mets at the soonest.

And J.C. said, "Yes you did!", and then Proviant said "No we di'int!"

First round pick Joe Savery won his first game in Reading last night, defeating Altoona 3-1.  Struck out one batter in six innings.

Jamie Moyer's Moyer Foundation opens a bereavement camp for kids in St. Louis, MO area.  This guy is something else.

And the Florida Marlins came back to beat the New York Mets last night, 7-4, behind two home runs by Jorge Cantu.  As a result, the Phillies sit in second place for another night.  I'll take it.

Crashburn Alley uses PitchF/X data to analyze the home runs surrendered by Phillies' pitching this year.  I haven't seen that many cookies since I looked in Joe Blanton's locker!  *crickets*