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April 3, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

The Phillies lost 12-10 to the Nationals, with new bullpen lefty Jack Taschner taking the loss after giving up two homers in one inning.  To Cristian Guzman and Alex Cintron.  Jamie Moyer got pounded too.  Hopefully he's just fine-tuning some things, and not, well, 46 years old.

Remaining questions, seeking answers...

... but wait, I thought Charlie had all the answers!

At least now, along with the bully torture and ostracism, there will be Phillies tickets from Hizzoner.

Can the sequel improve upon (or at least match) the original?

Still in a holding pattern with Gary Sheffield.

Brett Myers: X-Factor (either a superhero or a brand of cosmetics).

From Digital Chosunilbo: Chan Ho Park returns to big league rotation (WARNING: link may make your browser sad).

Newsweek's 2009 season preview.  All your typical soap opera crap.  Doesn't like the Phillies or Philadelphia.  Next.

The Pat in the Bat Comes Back.

The Mets apparently have an edge because Krud behaves demonstratively.