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Lineup talk

Ok, if you're the manager, what would you make the lineup look like? 

One thing I often make note of is that L-L or the L-L-L isn't a liability against a left handed starter.  Or, not a big one since your lefties HAVE to face him no matter what.  They often tend to be more of a liability against right handed starters because that is when Manuel lumps them all together and gives the opponent the perfect opportunity to throw a lefty reliever.  The goal is to put your players in the best spot to win.

Anyway, I'd go with this lineup:


Biggest change is putting Rollins 3rd, but that is the perfect spot for him.  Batting 3rd is a good spot for speed and decent free swingingness.  This separates the lefties fairly nicely as well.

Hey it may happen, Manuel switched Utley and Howard on the first day of the season 2 years ago.