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Let's Play 162! Opening Night Game Thread: Braves at Phillies, April 5, 2009.

MattS's piece this morning so eloquently reflected my own feelings about Opening Days in general, and this one in particular, so why improve on an already good thing?

Tonight, under the warm glow of ESPN2's lights, the Phillies begin just their second ever World Championship defense when the Atlanta Braves take on the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies mercurial right hander Brett Myers takes the hill for the Phillies, while free agent acquisition and groundball specialist Derek Lowe throws for the Braves. The last time Lowe visited Philadelphia, it was Game One of the NLCS for the Dodgers, where he fell to the Phillies 3-2 off a pair of home runs by Chase Utley and Pat Burrell. This time, there's a little less on the line, but there will still be tons of eyeballs on the game.

Here's the plan: Sweep this series, sweep the rest of the season, go 162-0, and bulldoze through the playoffs. Please, let's do this, Phillies.

Discuss tonight's game below.

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