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April 7, 2009 - Phillies Breakfast Links

They lost a game.  Are they doomed?

Three lefties in a row in the lineup.  Are they doomed?

At least somebody associated with the team is in midseason form.

On the other hand, the Mets defeated the Reds yesterday, 2-1, possibly setting up the Choke of 2009.

I am shocked that Lenny Dykstra may not actually be a financial genius.  Shocked, I tell you.

14 of 30 MLB teams cut their payrolls from last season.  The Phillies were not one of them, thanks to some big arbitration cases and contract extensions.

Charlie Manuel wants to cut out the ceremonies and play ball.  (Psst, I agree.)

Turkey Hill launches new phlavor (LOLOLOLOL), Phillie Phanatic Double Play.  Made with bits of real Phanatic, so you know it's good.

North Jersey and New York phans - there's a Philadelphia Phillies club in Hoboken, and they meet on Fridays.  With "Yuenglings"!

Shane Victorino's dad visits the Mayor.