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Phillies Reasons for Optimism: 0-2 Record Edition

1. The 2008 Phillies record after two games: 0-2.  Two losses to the Washington Nationals (no offense, Nats fans, but you see what I'm saying...)

2. The Phillies bullpen so far: 7 IP, 0 H, 0 R.  So far so good...

3. They've only played two games.

4. The Phillies' hitters HR/FB ratio is precisely 0/1,233.  Advanced calculations.  This can only improve.

5. It appears that the weight loss has improved Ryan Howard's mobility, and has helped his defense, which has been very good so far.

6. There are 160 more games.

7. Special Agent Jack Taschner: 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R.  This might be a cause for pessimism, too, as he regresses toward (and past) the mean.

8. After rough starts, Moyer and Myers both kind of settled in (Myers much moreso than Moyer).

9. They are two games into a very long season.

10. The team's BABIP has been gruesome.

11. Pat Burrell so far: 0-for-4.

12. They're not the Padres.