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Old Man Devoured By Wolf, Film at 11: Dodgers 9, Phillies 2

Can you say "just one of those nights"?  The Phillies hit screaming line drives that smacked right into the gloves of the Dodgers' fielders -- usually Matt Kemp or James Loney, while the Dodgers' assortment of soft liners, grounders down the line, and one very deep flyball that turned into a CBP Special, quickly led to a 7-1 lead after five that the Dodgers would not relinquish, as they went on to win the game by a score of 9-2.

The official Jamie Moyer Worry Watch continues apace.  Something will have to give soon if things don't improve.  Don't you wish they hadn't signed him to that two-year deal?


The big hit of the night, obviously, was James Loney's three-run homer in the fourth inning, set up by the Phillies' questionable decision to walk Russell Martin to put runners on first and third with one out.

The bright spots for the Phillies were few, but include Carlos Ruiz (two doubles and two walks) and the bullpen, which but for an essentially meaningless Casey Blake two run blast in the ninth inning, held the fort after another rough Moyer start.  Oh, and a fun Raul Ibanez solo shot in the ninth inning that went about 900 feet.



TUNE IN TOMORROW for the rubber match, a Businesspersons' Special at CBP featuring Young Cole.