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Congratulations to MattS - Baseball Prospectus Idol Finalist!



Our very own Matt Swartz ("MattS") has been selected as one of the ten finalists in the inaugural BP Prospectus Idol competition!

Think "American Idol," but with only half the garish costumes and only about two-thirds as flamboyant as Adam Lambert.

Finalists were selected from entries submitted last month and reviewed by a panel of BP editors.  Matt's audition piece, "Why Teams Do Not Spend More on the Draft," is viewable here.

Readers will have a chance to vote for their favorite writers/articles in the coming weeks; there's no voting this week.  The process will continue as follows:

Once we get down to the ten finalists (all of whom receive a one-year subscription to or a one-year extension for existing subscribers), we will ask each of them to submit a piece once a week around a baseball-related theme of our choosing. We will publish all of the contestants' articles for the perusal of the subscribers with the comments of the three judges, and then the voting will begin. In order to avoid ballot stuffing, and to serve our customers better, only BP subscribers will be voting for who they want to read going forward. We'll cut one writer a week based on the lowest vote total, and we'll eventually get down to a winner.

So if you want to support Matt, and you haven't done so already, I highly recommend you head over to Baseball Prospectus online and register today.

Again, Matt, congratulations.  My only advice to you is to show lots of leg... it seemed to work for Carrie Underwood.