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Phillies Breakfast Links Resurrection: May 26, 2009

Don't forget to go vote for The Good Phight's own Matt Swartz in Round One of the Baseball Prospectus "BP Idol" competition!  Round One voting ends at 11 PM tonight!

Shane Victorino: "I f---ed up."  Really, Shane?  Marlins 5, Phillies 3 -- Jamie Moyer was serviceable but the Phillies only offense was a pair of Ryan Howard home runs.  Stuck on 249.

Charlie should give Lidge a long leash.  All well and good, but is that a mountain this team can afford to die on?

Kane Kalas steps in for his dad at Media's Memorial Day parade.  Hundreds attendees report flare-up of allergies.

Might have been a quick stay with the big club for John Mayberry, Jr.  Strange man in Panama jersey seen quietly weeping...

Why a Jake Peavy trade to the Phillies makes all kinds of sense.

J.C. Romero Countdown: FIve days.  Jack Taschner keeping a packed bag close by.

Phillies colorman Chris Wheeler's fame is exploding!

NL East

Mets top Nats 5-2 on a three-run homer from Gary Sheffield (wow, a right handed bat, who'd have thought?!), despite the Mets pitching staff walking nine Nationals batters.  Thankfully the back spasms aren't going to prevent league favorite closer Francisco Rodriguez from entertaining the fans with his patented chest pounding and pointing to the sky after locking down a three-run save versus a last place team.  You stay healthy, Frankie!

And the Giants pounded the Braves and starter Javier Vazquez, winning by a score of 8-2.