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Phillies Breakfast Links: May 28, 2009

Apparently Brett Myers has been experiencing on-and-off pain in his hip for about a month, and is really nervous about the MRI.  This news can only be considered great.  Don't worry, Kyle Kendrick pitched last night and gave up three runs on nine hits in six innings.  He's ready to go...

Jake Peavy's agent on the Philadelphia trade rumors:

"I have not discussed Philly with Jake because nobody has asked us to discuss Philly," said Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod.


"He has a strong preference to play in the National League," he said. "He also wants to play for a contender. Both of those two things play into Philly's hands. ... The personnel is awesome. If there is one downside, it's the geographical difference for him, given that he has made his family home in the San Diego area."



J.C. Romero pitches two perfect innings for Lakewood last night, according to this impossible-to-read website.

Charlie Manuel is certain that Jimmy Rollins will start hitting for power.  Because 30 year old shortstops frequently do.

Pedro Feliz: Future third baseman?

NL East

Mets 7, Nats 4: Mets top the Nats despite a less-than-awesome outing from Johan Santana.  The Mets were the beneficiaries of another videobooth HR, this time giving .Gif Superstar Daniel Murphy a tie-breaking home run.  The Mets have now been on the good side of five reviewed home run calls this season.  Hopefully this will abate the Mets fans' collective persecution complex a little bit.

Giants 6, Braves 3: Randy Johnson notches career victory number 299 with six strong innings.