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Phillies Breakfast Links: May 29, 2009

Bill Conlin truly, completely outdoes himself here.  Preview: Brett Myers has a "designer injury."

Oh yeah, they might be losing a starting pitcher.

This is why we can't have nice things, Gonzo.

The Fightins tries to persuade Jake Peavy to come to the awful Sodom-on-the-Schuylkill that is Philadelphia.  (borderline NSFW)

Ruben Amaro meets his first true test.

Feliz = Rolen.  Wait, what?

Harry Kalas will be the 2009 inductee into (onto?) the Phillies Wall of Fame.  Good on you.

Jewelers estimate the value of the Phillies' World Series rings.  Yesterday truly was an off-day.

Some Mariners types want to transform Erik Bedard into Michael Taylor, as detailed in this exceedingly confusing article.  Eh.

NL East

Diamondbacks 5, Braves 2 - Dan Haren outpitches Derek Lowe.