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Reveling in the Mets' Misery

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As a diehard Phillies fan, I hate the Mets.  When I taught my then-two-year old to say "Boo John McCain" last year, I simultaneously taught him to say "Boo Mets."  Hating the Mets is that important in my household.  I can't assume anything about the political part of that, but I can safely assume that if you're a fan of this blog, you probably share with me this feeling toward the Mets.

And if you're an avowed Mets hater like me, then this past week has been wonderful.

Now let's get one thing straight.  I don't wish any serious life troubles on anyone connected with the Mets as individual people.  I don't wish them serious illness, family tragedy, debilitating poverty, or any other horrible thing that makes people live unhappy lives.  I just want their baseball fortunes to be miserable, which is exactly what's happened recently.

Do we need a re-cap?  Sure, why not?

Tuesday, June 9:  Even though they beat the Phillies, their ace, Johan Santana, gives up 4 home runs and gets into an argument with the manager over pulling him from the game.

Wednesday, June 10:  The Mets strand 16 runners, letting the Phillies tie the game up in the 7th after leading for the entire game until then.  They have a chance in the 10th, but Jayson Werth makes a game-saving amazing catch.  Then, in the top of the 11th, Chase Utley hits a home run that ultimately is the game-winner.

Thursday, June 11:  Again leading for the entire game until the seventh, the Mets allow the Phillies to tie it up at 3, and the game goes extra innings again.  Again, Bobby Parnell, the losing pitcher from Wednesday, has trouble in extra innings, giving up two baserunners.  Ken Takahashi comes in to relieve him and gets Ryan Howard out on strikes.  But Raul Ibanez follows with a three run home run, giving the Phillies a 6-3 win in 10 innings.

Friday, June 12:  This one's the best (although it's close with Sunday's game).  Luis Castillo will forever hear taunts when trying to catch a pop-up.  With Francisco Rodriguez on the mound, saves are automatic these days.  But not apparently when an easy pop-up is hit to second with two men on.  One dropped ball and two runs later, the Mets have their most embarrassing loss in a long time.  Play Luis Castillo off, Keyboard Cat.

Saturday, June 13:  A win!  Nothing too interesting or terrible for the Mets here.  Just your standard win against the Yankees by a guy who hasn't won in the majors in three years.

Sunday, June 14:  Johan Santana on the mound against the Yankees.  After Friday night, this is the get-even game the Mets are hoping for.  Whoops!  Doesn't happen.  Instead, the Yankees win 15-0.  Santana gives up 9 earned runs in 3 innings.  Amazingly, no home runs or RBI for Mark Teixeira or Alex Rodriguez.  Instead, everyone else on the Yankees pummels the Mets, in their second-worst shutout loss ever.

So much Met misery in six games -- what fun for a diehard Phillies fan!

Of course, if you're looking for a little bit of humanity/humility in this post, it's this: despite the Mets terrible woes, they lost only one game on the Phillies, starting this stretch 3 games behind the Phils and finishing it 4.  Too bad the Phillies couldn't capitalize more.