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Awphul: Blue Jays 7, Phillies 1

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So Jamie Moyer got knocked around in the first inning, and that's all the Jays needed.  Add in later inning homers from former Phillies Rod Barajas and Scott Rolen, and you have a glistening pile of insult and injury.  Neat stuff.  Jayson Werth's solo home run in the 4th was the Alpha and the Omega of the Phillies offensive output.  Scott Richmond, Canadian legend, struck out 11 Phillies in his eight innings of work.  That's just about all you need to know.

This team needs pitching, and badly.  I can't remember a more dull and pointless game to watch in the last year.  Even when the score was "close," you knew somehow that it might as well have been 21-0.

YOU GET NO FANGRAPH TONIGHT.  Is it even necessary?  Here's your Fangraph: Type "dog poop" into Google Image Search.  A close approximation of the Phillies performance tonight.

The Blue Jays will go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon.