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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 18, 2009

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La Russa, Torre join manager Manuel on NL All-Star coaching staff
I can't imagine two more insufferable prigs to hang out with.

Despite bullpen success, Chan Ho Park wants to start
Dude, shut up. Just shut your mouth.

Pedro Martinez might sign with Chicago Cubs or Tampa Bay Rays

Wolf seeks answers for persistent cough

Randy Wolf, who will start for the Dodgers in their series finale vs. the A's on Thursday, underwent medical tests Wednesday seeking a diagnosis for a persistent cough with a very unusual new theory: whooping cough.

Whooping cough? Jesus, what's next? Typhoid?

Phillies Notebook: Phillies' Blanton lives up to billing as innings eater

Some people eat cheeseburgers. Some people eat sushi. Joe Blanton eats innings.

And Cookies!

IronPigs win fourth straight
The IronPigs have never swept a series, and the Phillies Triple-A affiliate has not won five in a row since August 2006. Wow.

Yankees stifled by Lannan
And the Nationals are the only team in the division who won last night. Pop the corks, kids.

Interleague play, like a Big Unit haircut, has gone out of style
I agree that the Interleague games no longer have any lustre, but they just aren't going anywhere.

Phillies' starters leave Charlie hungry for more

"Anything for us to get better — getting better is what counts for me," Manuel said. "I don’t want the same type pitchers that we have. I want somebody that can help us; that might be hard to find."

That seems pretty clear...