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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 19, 2009

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Manuel nears boiling point as Phillies get swept by Blue Jays

"But at the same time, I think that with the way things are, we are kind of beat up, and we have guys out, and we come back in the game like we did today, and where we are at with the injuries and working people and things like that, I don't know if that's the right time to go in there and start screaming and hollering and cussing and throwing things. "Don't get me wrong, I'm headed that way, I guess. But I ain't quite there yet. Maybe somebody ought to push me into it."

My prediction: Jimmy Rollins dogs it on a groundball. Charlie asplodes.


The Fightins » Marco Scutaro catches the Phillies napping; steals second on a walk
With depressing .gif evidence. That was so awful.


Bill Conlin: Phillies prospect Michael Taylor a heavyweight five-tooler | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/19/2009

Just build a moat around Michael Taylor. Put him off-limits. Declare him a future Philly landmark. Buy him a size XXX-long T-shirt that reads "Untouchable" in front and "Off Limits" in back.

Given the pitching talent that's allegedly available for trade, I'm inclined to go with ol' One Chair on this one.


Glavine: No return this year
There goes that option, not that it was exactly a wonderful one.


Boston's Penny is the most-watched pitcher in baseball
Great, only if he brings Alyssa Milano with him, they're not still dating, are they?


McCAFFERY: Phils need to sharpen mental game
I want to rant about how stupid this premise is, but then I start to think he has a point...


Lidge eager to return
A close-to-100% Brad Lidge would be a huge boost. Less than that...


Williamsport Crosscutters' season opens tonight
All eyes on Anthony Hewitt...


R-Phils blanked by Bowie, 2-0
Tyson Brummett with a strong outing, though.


'Pigs complete first sweep
At least someone in the organization is winning lately...