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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 2, 2009

Bastardo goes from bullpen to Phillies' starting rotation
Quite a couple of months.

Yankees on fence
Larry Bowa is a turncoat boob.

Strange 4-run ninth secures Rochester win over 'Pigs --
The IronPigs bullpen blows yet another lead, although Kyle Kendrick pitched well.

Ryan congratulates Moyer on 250th win
Jamie Moyer is probably the most liked guy in the Universe.

American Chronicle | BASEBALL NOTES ; `Reference' Quite a Site
Oh my God, this guy was either desperate for material, or he JUST discovered Please tell me it's the former.

Former Phillies pitcher Kevin Foster, 39, succumbs to cancer
Our condolences to his friends and family.

Kyle Drabek gets a June promotion | Philadelphia Inquirer
Hopefully we'll see him in the rotation next spring.

PETA's 2009 Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks |
For the third year in a row, Citizens Bank Park tops PETA's list of Most Vegetarian Friendly Ballparks. I don't exactly know if I'd hold up Prince Fielder as a paragon of the healthy vegetarian lifestyle, however.

Hamels Foundation Hosts First Annual Carnival Benefit - The Philadelphia Bulletin
Basically a press release, and a great cause, but linked primarily because I want a larger copy of that ghoulish photo of Chase Utley, Jamie Moyer, and Cole Hamels.

Wonkette : Arlen Specter Watches The Baseball
Speaking of "ghoulish," here's a picture of Arlen Specter at a baseball game!


Bill Conlin: Sometimes numbers don't mean a thing
What in the sam hell is this guy talking about? "Pitchers aren't throwing enough pitches. Except when they're throwing too many." Insight!

The Fightins » Dumb blogger tries to catch Chris Coste’s home run
Awesome story from our droog, For the record, I got a foul ball from Gary Redus when he was on a rehab assignment in Reading over 20 years ago. My sole accomplishment in life.