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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 22, 2009

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Paul Hagen: As Rollins slumps, so slump the Phillies
But he's been slumping all year, and the team was still managing to win. You can't pin this all on Rollins.

Monday's Phillies Phestival pheatures the champs
The annual event, which benefits the team's ALS charity, was a tough ticket this year.

Phillies Notebook: For Phillies' Howard, mystery illness ends consecutive-game streak
This was a very healthy, fortunate team last season. Not so much this year.

Phillies’ Howard launches nonprofit
When he's not in the hospital, he's running charities.

Utterly Utley
Chase Utley, you are the man.

Lidge feeling 'great,' may return Wednesday
Don't rush it, Brad.

Memo to Philly fans: Remain calm
Thanks for looking for the excuse to bring the Eagles into it.

RedHawks notebook: Greg Golson meets fanatic Phillies fan
No, no. Just never do this.

BILLY BALL: Phillies need to give Kyle Kendrick a real chance to succeed
They sent him down to learn the new pitches, and he simply hasn't done so.

HBO feature suggests Dykstra's empire in trouble
Again, this is just shocking stuff...