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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 23, 2009

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Phillies, phans gather at annual Phestival for ALS patients

This year's Phestival raised a record $867,670, surpassing last year's total by more than $100,000. Funds will be used to provide transportation for about 900 local patients, improve care services and fund much-needed research at Pennsylvania Hospital and Hershey Medical Center.

Good on the Phillies and everyone who participated. Really helps put a losing streak in perspective.


Call 'em the road warriors
This Humongous is a reasonable man!  Just... walk away.


Recovering Howard looks to rejoin team
May be back in the lineup tonight in Tampa Bay.


Jerry Manuel keeps on juggling with hobbled Mets as Carlos Beltran goes on DL
It could be worse...


Phillies reliever Condrey to go on DL
Sergio Escalona recalled.


Three BlueClaws shine tonight
The Lakewood BlueClaws send six to the South Atlantic League All-Star Game tonight. Headline fail?


Morning Report: Time for Manuel to shake ’em up
So much brilliance here... Daniel Price?


Rich Hofmann: Phillies need new face on the mound

It is true that Brad Lidge will have to come back and be Brad Lidge again, or none of this will work. It is also true that Jimmy Rollins will have to be some semblance of Jimmy Rollins again or this offense never will reach its potential, especially in the absence of the injured Raul Ibanez.

This is a good point I've been trying to make. We need certain players to elevate their game, or it won't matter if there's another starting pitcher. I'd rather not dump the farm for a Jason Marquis type in that case.