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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 24, 2009

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Phillies' Howard talks about illness, hospital visit
Welcome back, Ryan.


Phillies Notebook: Phillies reliever Durbin isn't falling for talk of jinx from 'The Pen'

Rather than jinxes, the Phillies are experiencing what often is a normal part of a major league season but was largely lacking during last year's title run. One of the big reasons for the bullpen's NL-best 3.22 ERA was the unit's sparkling health. Only veterans Rudy Seanez and Tom Gordon spent more than four regular-season games on the disabled list. Lidge, who missed the first four games of the season while recovering from knee surgery, was the only other reliever to spend time on the DL.

Thank you. It's not a stupid jinx. It's regression to the mean.


Deitch: Chicago BBWAA: Do the right thing

The Chicago chapter of the BBWAA will get together Friday to discuss what to do with Steroid Era players and their Hall of Fame validity — since six of the top 20 career home run hitters have been linked to performance-enhancing drugs.

How about this: Vote for a guy if you think he's deserving; don't vote for him if you think he's not. You all have access to the same information and can draw whatever semi-informed conclusions you want.


Closer Lidge says he is ready to return to Phillies
Is he ready or is he really ready?


The Gettysburg Times > Sports

But the one factor always ready to bail them out is an impressive crop of prospects, including catcher Lou Marson and pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Kyle Drabek, who can be used to entice less fortunate clubs on the market. The trade deadline is less than six weeks away, so the clock is ticking.



Fan support lacking at Tropicana Field
Crummy stadium, warm Florida weather... can't imagine why you'd want to sit inside that dome on a summer night.


Lopez pitches IronPigs past Indianapolis
Minor league recap.


Unlike Phillies, IronPigs don't leave wins on road
Phillies Triple-A affiliate is the hottest team in the International League. That and $3MM will get you Jarrod Washburn...


Dopirak shows off power to down R-Phils
Reading Phillies fall 9-4; Michael Taylor - 3-for-5 with a home run. Promotion time.


Sam Donnellon: American League dominates interleague play, but not in October
Small sample size...


Bill Conlin: Don't overlook baseball's other substance-abuse story
Not really sure what to add here. Just read it.