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Revenge of the Fallen: Rays 7, Phillies 1

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Another punchable headline, but I couldn't resist.

Pat Burrell has gotten his revenge, in the form of a second inning home run off Phillies starter Joe Blanton, that turned out to be all the offense the Rays would need en route to their 7-1 victory Wednesday night.  Matt Garza locked down the Phillies offense, holding them to three hits, the only run coming from a Jayson Werth solo homer.  Blanton was excellent as well, allowing six hits in seven innings and striking out 10.

But it was some poor defensive decision-making by Jimmy Rollins that allowed the Rays to put the game out of reach late.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Pat Burrell hit a solid grounder to Rollins that he flipped to Chase Utley for the force at second... except Ben Zobrist, who was running on contact with two outs and whatnot, beat the play.  Run scores, and the Rays went on to put four more runs on the board.  Remember how slow Pat Burrell is?  Think he'd have had a play at first?  BAH.

Rubber game tonight.  Win Phils win.