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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 25, 2009

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Phillies Notebook: Phillies tweak rotation to help Hamels
When is this Hamels kid going to toughen up? You can't pitch big games with that attitude... (SARCASM, TELEGRAPHING SARCASM)


Phillies' Lidge to be activated from D.L. today
I hope he's really healthy and not just blowing smoke up our collective fannies.


Charlie Manuel Isn't Changing His Approach
The Musings of Sir Charles.


Phillies Notes: Hamels and wife expecting a son

(Heidi) Strobel is nearly six months pregnant. The couple intended to travel to Ethiopia in December to adopt a child, but the pregnancy has forced a delay in those plans of six to nine months. "We still plan on adopting," Hamels said. The pregnancy "is something we were planning on doing anyway. We're going to adopt a girl, and it will be great for her to grow up with a brother. They'll be like twins."

Congratulations to Brad and Angelina.


Reading dealt third straight loss
Michael Taylor with three more hits, now batting .340. Kyle Drabek pitches tonight.


Phillies' prospect Donald looking to return to form after surgery
Hopes to be back on the field within two weeks, just in time for the trade deadline...


Cable TV and the home field advantage

Since the dominant cable companies own these regional sports networks, guess who decides whether to allow others, such as satellite providers, to offer local games to consumers? That's right, Cox and Comcast. If you're a sports fan in either city who wants – and maybe needs – to root for the home team (including the Comcast-owned Sixers and Flyers in Philadelphia), you're largely beholden to the cable company.

Do you have this problem?