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Love the Phillies? Want to write about them? The Good Phight is Recruiting!

Are you interested in joining The Good Phight team?

We have two (possibly three) positions we would like to fill.

1.  Do you like cruising the Internet for obscure news about baseball in general, and the Phillies in particular?  We're looking for someone to take over the Daily Breakfast Links.  Find a funny YouTube video with the Phanatic assaulting a grandmother?  Post it!   A human interest story about a relief pitcher?  Share it!   If more than one person is interested, we can expand this position to two people. 

2.  A farm system/minor league expert.  We aren't talking Kevin Goldstein here, but we'd like to get someone with a working knowledge of the Phillies' farm system, its prospects and their progress and setbacks, and who will post a once or twice weekly column on the state of the farm.  This person will also be charged with posting news about prospects and the minor league teams (i.e., a great start by one of the young pitchers, a playoff berth, etc.).


If you're interested in either of the above, please email me at  If possible, please include examples of your work or links to other sites/blogs where you have written in the past.

You'll be working for free, but this is a great opportunity to get lots of exposure.