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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 26, 2009

Mets' ace trumps Cards in 3-2 victory
Santana gets the win as New York makes most of one bad Carpenter pitch. The Mets now sit 1/2 game behind the Phillies in the standings; the Marlins, just one game back.


Florida Marlins make show of power, sweep Baltimore Orioles
They sweep, we get swept. What a miserable month.


With loss to Rays, Bastardo injury, frustration mounts for Phillies | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/26/2009

The problem, in Manuel's view, wasn't an offense that managed no runs in the final eight innings, 4 1/3 of which came against a righthander with the second-highest ERA among qualifying starters in the majors. It was the mental lapse in the sixth inning, when Pedro Feliz was doubled off at first base on a would-be sacrifice fly, preventing an easy run from scoring from third that would have cut a two-run deficit in half.

Andy Sonnanstine blows and the Phillies couldn't do anything to him.


Drabek fans 9, gets R-Phils back on track

Drabek (4-0), who is combined 8-1 for both Clearwater and Reading this season, allowed six hits and walked just one batter. He cruised through the first five innings, striking out seven and allowing just two hits.

It's too bad they have to start managing his innings soon, he might be useful in the majors as early as this season.


In loss to Rays, miscues bother Manuel

"If I'm going to go out there and address that, there's a lot of other [things] I should be addressing, too," Manuel said about the string of mental errors. "I don't know where I go from there. It's building up. The dam bursts and get it all out. What can you say?"


Marson makes the difference
Lou Marson is trying to maintain a simple approach at the plate.


Paul Hagen: Phillies manager Manuel still believes in Rollins