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Interleague Play and the NL East: The Phillies' Big Disadvantage

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It seems like it's lasted forever, but interleague play is almost over.  And all Phillies' fans have to say good riddance.  Year in, year out, this experiment makes the Phillies Junes miserable.  And, compared to the rest of the NL East, interleague play gives the Phillies a huge disadvantage.

Over the course of interleague play, the NL has a .479 winning percentage against the AL (1516-1649, through yesterday).  However, the NL East is doing much better than the general rest of the NL.  In fact, the NL East actually has a winning record in interleague play:  539-533, for a .503 winning percentage.  The rest of the NL has a .467 winning percentage (977-1116).

Three of the NL East teams have a winning record in interleague play, and one is right around even.  Of course, the other teams is the Phillies, who have the worst interleague play in the division . . . by a huge margin.

NL East Wins Losses Win %
Marlins 120 96 0.556
Braves 109 99 0.524
Mets 105 103 0.505
Nationals 111 115 0.491
Phillies 94 120 0.439
Total 539 533 0.503

For the Phillies, Tuesday's game in Atlanta can't come soon enough.