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Vote for MattS in Week 6 of Baseball Prospectus Idol!

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Week Six of Baseball Prospectus Idol is up.  And our own MattS has another great piece.  This week's assignment was deadline writing:  "Imagine that you're bleary eyed, just waking up, but that your editor has emailed and said 'I need a piece for tomorrow!' ... You can't just say no (Believe me, I've tried.) The only thing to do is buckle down and do your best work in the time you have available. What will you be writing about? Baseball, of course. Specifically, one of the thirteen games on the schedule for Thursday."

MattS piece is about the Phillies/Rays matchup on Thursday.  It touches on World Series rematches, players who switch from one World Series team to the other, and Pat Burrell's play against his old team.  Read it now.  And vote early and often!