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Do the Phillies need a #1/#2?

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We all know the Phillies need one more pitcher.  Myers filled the role perfectly last year coming back from the minors and pitching lights out.  While a lights out pitcher would be great, we really don't NEED one (assuming Cole comes back around).  What we need is a guy who is league average and lets our offense put up the runs.  I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Blanton move last year, but he performed his role perfectly and I completely miscalled that.  He was what this team needed, a guy who posts a 4.50 ERA and wins because of the offense.

There has been talk about Penny, Oswalt and now Wang, but the pitcher that I think would be the best move for the Phillies is...

Paul Maholm.

He has a career 4.30 ERA and GB/FB ratio that would make your mother blush at 1.2.  He doesn't strike out a ton, but he keeps the ball down and in the park, which is perfect for CBP.  He is in his 4th year making $2.5 mil, but I think the Phils could offer a decent deal to bring him over and he'd compliment this stadium and our offense very nicely.

Of course, him and Pedro would be even better...