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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 3, 2009

New, comments  Romero returns from suspension
He's back! The Phillies optioned Sergio Escalona to Triple-A, and keep Jack Taschner around. Someone care to explain that one to me?

Sam Donnellon: Why Phillies second baseman Chase Utley is the man

Chase Utley is the man because of all those times it seems that he is more than a man, more than a compilation of gaudy statistics. Historically, baseball has loved its numbers more than any other sport, often obscuring the true value of players who provide the intangibles of say, a Brian Dawkins. And while a healthy Utley can certainly be assessed through statistics - he was a leading MVP candidate before injuring his hip last season - his value can not be. That World Series play, Monday's armpit grab, playing that 2008 season with a similar injury to the one that has sidelined Brett Myers - it defines the player more than any home run or RBI total.

Wow, this is Jeter-level froth.

I do appreciate the fact that Chase Utley seems to be the Grand Unifying Element in Phillies fandom, outside of the late Harry Kalas.  Stat analysts love him, the "I watch the games!" crowd loves him, and both with ample reason.  I think he has actually passed Bobby Abreu as the best Phillies player since Mike Schmidt.


Mark Teixeira's unexpected fire may be just what Yankees need to win title

Finally, just for fun, he called out Vicente Padilla after the game for twice hitting him with pitches, basically calling the righthander a punk for throwing at him because he can't get him out. "There's no reason for it," Teixeira said afterward, measuring his words calmly at his locker. "If you can't get a guy out, don't hit him." Teixeira said it's been like this since he hit two home runs off him when Padilla was with the Phillies a few years ago.

And the fact that they went on to play together in Texas for more than a season apparently only furthered his lack of respect for the guy because Padilla would plunk other hitters for the same reason, and Teixeira would get the payback from the opposition. "It happened a lot," he said. "The 3-4 guys in the lineup get hit in retaliation, so I got quite a few."


Here we go again!


MLB: Fiery Johnson goes for No. 300 today
Randy Johnson is absolutely, positively going to be the LAST 300 game winner ever... until the next one. Strikeouts don't carry same shame
Baby steps, I suppose.  Love how they talk about it like it's ED, however.

Fundraisers scheduled for Hammonton, NJ police officer battling cancer
Philadelphia Phillies pitcher J.A. Happ will be signing autographs from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 97.3 ESPN Radio will be broadcasting live from the event.  Worthy cause, go help out if you can.

Minor Leagues: Kyle Drabek's debut moved up
The Phillies RHP prospect goes today in Reading.

Phils' prospect Michael Taylor bides his time
This guy has been truly extraordinary so far.