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Kudos to Charlie Manuel: Phillies Best in NL Since 2005

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Charlie Manuel took the reins from Larry Bowa in 2005.  Since then, the Phillies have had four winning seasons in a row, been to the playoffs twice, and, as we all know, won the World Series last year.

And the team isn't letting up.  They are four games up on the Mets in the NL East and have the second best record in baseball (3 games behind the Dodgers).

We all know that last night's win continued the Phillies win streak and put the Dodgers and MLB on notice that Cole Hamels is back.  But, what is less known about last night's win is what it did for Charlie Manuel's career as the Phillies manager.

With last night's win, the Phillies now have the most wins in the NL since Manuel took over the team.  Since 2005, the Phillies have won 386 regular season games.  The Mets, who lost yesterday, are now second at 385.  In the entire majors, the Phillies sit fourth since 2005, behind the three AL juggernauts -- Yankees (407), Angels (405), and Red Sox (404).  (The entire list is below the jump.)

The World Series win last year automatically cemented Manuel's legacy in Phillies lore.  But there's more to his managerial rein (so far) than just the World Series.  The Phillies -- the franchise with the most losses in sports, the franchise that has been doomed since its inception, the franchise from the city that just can't seem to get its sports right -- have been the best team in the NL under Manuel.  To change a franchise and give it such sustained success is remarkable.

Kudos to you Charlie Manuel.

Team Wins
NYY 407
ANA 405
BOS 404
PHI 386
NYM 385
STL 378
CHW 375
MIN 373
CLE 371
TOR 366
LAD 362
MIL 360
DET 356
OAK 354
CHC 353
HOU 353
ATL 351
ARI 348
SDP 347
TEX 344
FLA 342
COL 328
CIN 327
SEA 322
SFG 321
TBD 319
BAL 305
WSN 298
PIT 294
KCR 285