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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 8, 2009.

Baseball Daily Digest Blog: What’s Wrong with Jimmy Rollins?
Damned if I know, but he's been an out machine pretty much all season.

Phillies Notes: Jimmy Rollins believes he's found hitting glitch
Coincides almost perfectly with being dropped in the batting order. Amazing.

Phillies' rotation enjoying a renaissance
Hamels = Leonardo DaVinci? Moyer = Lorenzo Ghiberti?

Philly shows interest in Boston's Penny
They want Jason Donald to make up for losing Hanley Ramirez...

Phillies have bargaining chips in search for pitching
Untouchable: Kyle Drabek, Jason Knapp, and Dominic Brown.

Mets 7, Nationals 0 - Mets take two of three from woeful Nats
Currently sit three games behind the first-place Phillies, who come to town for three games this week.

Thunder victimized by 8-run inning
Reading falls by a score of 4-2; Lehigh Valley loses 4-1.

Tom Glavine may file grievance against Braves, report states
Says the Braves only released him for financial reasons, and to clear a roster spot for Tommy Hanson. I am shocked, SHOCKED that a baseball team would do such a thing.

The Fightins " Everyone in L.A. has an inflated perception of himself
My favorite guy ever.

Couple weds at Clipper Magazine Stadium
Von Hayes gives away the bride. Shoulda been a polygamist marriage, with Hayes and five brides!   Wocka wocka!