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Phillies Breakfast Links: June 9, 2009.

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Rollins, Ibanez, Utley lead All-Star Balloting.
Kind of embarrassing, actually...

Phillies, Mets resume rivalry tonight
The Great I-95 Slapfight renews itself.

Bill Conlin: 28 years ago, Rose and baseball were put on hold
On the 1981 "labor stoppage".

Phillies look beyond first draft round
Phillies don't pick until 75th overall.

Phils' scouting director hopes to work his magic
More on Marti Wolever. It'll be interesting to see how the first post-Arbuckle draft goes.

More honors for hot-hitting Taylor
Michael Taylor named Eastern League Player of the Week. Is he forcing the issue?

Lehr beats ex-teammates as 'Pigs lose third straight
IronPigs fall 8-5 to Louisville.

White Sox sign Garcia to minor-league deal
Thanks for everything, Freddy!