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BREAKING! The Good Phight Exclusive: Stephen Strasburg to Enlist in Coast Guard Unless Drafted by Phillies

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The Good Phight has learned through a reliable source in the pitcher's inner-circle that RHP Stephen Strasburg, the San Diego State phenom and consensus first overall pick in tonight's MLB Draft, will enlist in the U.S Coast Guard unless he is drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies.  "He's felt a strong desire to play in Philly for a long time," our source has revealed.  "If he can't play for the Phillies, he'll serve his country instead.  It's that simple."

"As a result, I want to make this clear," the source went on to say.  "Nobody should draft Stephen until the Phillies make their second round selection.  To do so would be a waste of your pick and would endanger all of your goodwill with the fanbase.  It would destroy your city and your franchise."

Neither Scott Boras nor the Washington Nationals could be reached for comment.

More on this story as it develops...