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We've been REAL lucky people...

But now we have to step it up.  A lot has been made about BP's 3rd order wins and how the Mets are significantly better than us.  Instead of looking into that since the statistic is fairly complicated, I'll simply look at the difference between OPS For and OPS Against.  I have referenced that numerous times here and it does a good job of removing park effect since you and your oppoents play on equal ground.


Phillies .786 .810 -.024
Mets .750 .737 .013
Marlins .726 .734 -.08
Braves .716 .714 .002
Nats .747 .800 -.053


Yeah, you read that right, we have the second worst OPS differential in the NL East.  How we have maintained 1st place is pretty amazing.  Most of it is probably due to our pitchers giving up a ton of solo homeruns and not walking too many hitters.  Either way, we have a 1.5 game head start with the second worst differential, and what has happened doesn't matter anymore.  What matters is what WILL happen and the Phillies won't be as lucky in the future games if they continue to have this kind of split.