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Shiver me timbers: Phillies 3, Pirates 2

The Phillies were a couple parts good last night (Joe Blanton, Jayson Werth), a couple parts bad (the offense generally) and a couple parts lucky (poor Pirates outfield defense), but nonetheless came away with a 3-2 victory in Friday night's contest.

Blanton went 7 1/3, allowing just one run on a mammoth centerfield home run from Garrett JonesZach Duke was almost as effective for the Pirates, but fell victim to some poor outfield defense on a bobbled Chase Utley single by centerfielder Andrew McCutcheon that allowed Shane Victorino to score the tying run from first in the third inning.

Brad Lidge gave up another huge home run -- this time to Brandon Moss, with two outs in the ninth -- but managed to hang on.