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The Judge's Save Situation

I've certainly undertaken some challenging topics to write about at The Good Phight over the last year, but this one might be the hardest.  I'm writing this to tell you all that this is my last article at The Good Phight.  Some of you may have seen my article yesterday posted at Baseball Prospectus.  Yes, as it turns out, even though I came in fourth in the contest, BP has hired me to write a weekly column there (hence the bad pun in the title), and they have asked that I write exclusively for them.  While I know this is a great opportunity, the sad part is that I must retire from posting at TGP.

Writing at TGP has been a great experience.  It started off being a fun thing to do on the side and turned out to be life-changing.  It was only fifteen months ago that Whole Camels, Dajafi, David S. Cohen, and JonK invited me to join.  Since then, I've written 75 articles here.  You all have given me tons of feedback and helped me grow as a writer and I'm extremely grateful for that.  I would not be in the position that I am in now without it, so I would like to thank the readers for that.

I also wanted to publicly thank Whole Camels, Dajafi, David S. Cohen, and JonK for all their help.  Without all of their encouragement and advice along the way, I would not have been given the opportunity to improve as a baseball writer, I would not have had the courage to enter BP Idol, and I would not have had great minds to discuss my ideas with throughout the process.  So thank you to them.

I'll still be around commenting and reading all the articles, but I won't be blogging here anymore.  I hope that you will follow me over at BP.  Go Phillies.  Let's make it ten wins in a row tonight.