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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 21, 2009: Roy Halladay Watch, the J.A. Happ Dilemma, Bats, and Batman

Get the Doctor Now!:  The Value of Adding Roy Halladay

The Good Phight blogger emeritus Matt Swartz in his first official piece for Baseball Prospectus.  Good luck Matt!


Phillies have other options beside Halladay
Cliff Lee, Aaron Harang also possibilities according to Ken Rosenthal.

Happ or Halladay?
We've gone over how lucky J.A. Happ has been so far this year. The counter-argument here is that Happ's trading value is at its highest right now.


These five places are where Halladay fits best


Pat Gillick is now a special assistant to the Phillies, but he has plenty of input and has a good feel for Halladay having been the architect of the Jays who stepped down for his hand-picked successor, Ash, to take charge in 1995. The Phillies have the prospects to deal, and while they may not need Halladay to win the disappointing NL East, they might decide it's worth the season-and-a-half investment to lock up a second consecutive world championship.


Phillies top 2 million in attendance
Topping 2 million fans on their 46th home date, and lead the league in home attendance. Damn it feels good to be a champion.

Minor steps with Phillies for upbeat Pedro Martinez
Set to throw a simulated game today, rehab start possible this weekend.

The Fightins - The Phillie Phanatic Dresses Up Like Batman, Taunts Jack Nicholson
I have a hunch that making a mascot snuff film is now somewhere on Jack's "Bucket List."

YouTube - Jimmy Rollins gives tour of his house
Best part: The "Oooh ooh ooh AH AH AH!!!" room. I'll let your mind wander...


Bill Conlin: For 20th anniversary, let Hall of Fame voters snub Pete Rose
I think Pete Rose is a scumbag, but I'm too ambivalent about the "sanctity" of the hallowed Hall of Fame to really give a damn about whether he's allowed in or not.

Radial Bat Company combines woods to create durable bats
Interesting option for replacing the traditional wooden bat.